Richard Q. Turcsányi

Until 10/2018: IIR Associate Research Fellow


2012 – present: Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies, International Relations, (Ph.D.)
2009 – 2013: Masaryk University, Faculty of Economics and Administration – Economic Policy and International Relations (Ing.)
2009 – 2012: Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies – International Territorial Studies (Mgr.)
2006 – 2009: Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies – Political Science and International Relations (Bc.)
2005 – 2009: Masaryk University, Faculty of Economics and Administration – Business Management (Bc.)

Research and study stays

02/2016 – 05/2016: Peking University and Beijing Foreign Studies University, Peking
09/2015 - 12/2015: University of Toronto, School of Graduate Studies, Department of Political Science.
08/2014 – 01/2015: National Chengchi University, Department of Diplomacy, Taipei (Taiwan Fellowship)
09/2014 – 11/2014: National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei (intensive Mandarin language course)
08/2013: London School of Economics and Peking University, Peking (summer school)
01/2011: International Committee of Red Cross and AALCO, New Delhi (international humanitarian law course)
09/2007 – 02/2008: University of Malta, Faculty of Arts, Department of International Relations, Malta (Erasmus)

Work experience

12/2012 – present: Institute of Asian Studies/CENAA, Bratislava (Deputy Director, Project Coordinator, Research Fellow)
01/2012 – present: Centre of International Studies, Masaryk University (Lecturer, Project Coordinator)
10/2011 – present: Institute SGI, Bratislava (Senior Analyst, Project Coordinator)
01/2013 – 03/2015: Global Politics Journal (Editor in Chief)
04/2012: Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava (internship)
02/2011 – 07/2011: English Journey, Guangzhou, China (English teacher)
01/2011: Political section of the Slovak Embassy in New Delhi, India (internship).
09/2010 – 11/2010: LPU University, Jalandhar, India (lecturer)
03/2009 – 07/2010: Cambridge School of English, Brno (English teacher)


English: C2
Chinese (Mandarin): B2
Spanish: B2
German: B1

Areas of Interest

Chinese foreign policy, relations between China and (Central and Eastern) Europe
international relations in East Asia
international politics in Central Europe
power in international relations
theories and history of international relations
international security

Teaching experience

Contemporary Chinese foreign policy, Contemporary East Asian affairs, International Relations and Threats to Global Security, Central European transformation, Theories of international relations, History of international relations, Geopolitics, Managerial economics, International economy, Intercultural communication.

Membership in research institutes

  • European Institute for Asian Studies, Brussels
  • Central and Eastern European Centre for Asian Studies, Budapest
  • Centre for Asian Affairs, University of Lodz, Lodz
  • Central and Eastern Europe and East Asia Innovation Forum, Prague


  • Daniel, Jan – Turcsányi, Richard Q. – Csiki, Tamás – Lupták, Lubomír – Potjomkina, Diana – Walach, Václav (2015):  The Challenges of Central European Security: Critical Insights. Brno: MUNI Press.
  • Turcsányi, Richard – Ondrejcsák, Róbert – Majer, Marián (2014, eds.): Perspektívy ázijského storočia: Medzinárodné vzťahy vo východnej Ázii. [Pespectives of Asian Century: International Relations in East Asia]. Bratislava: IAS & CENAA.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

  • Turcsányi, Richard (2014): Strategic Culture and Foreign Policy Thinking in People’s Republic of China. Czech Journal of Political Science. 1/2014: 60-75.

Chapters in monographs

  • Turcsányi, Richard Q. – Kriz, Zdenek: Thai-Cambodian Conflict: The Final Stage at Preah Vihear? In: Alfred Gerstl (eds): Dormant and Unresolved Border, Land, and Maritime Disputes in Southeast Asia: a New Threat For ASEAN? Leiden: Brill Publishing.
  • Turcsanyi, Richard Q.: Contradiction of Strategic Goals as a Major Constrain of Chinese power in the South China Sea Asia's Stormy Waters. In: Enrico Fels and Vu Truong (eds): Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea and a Rising China. New York: Springer.
  • Turcsányi, Richard Q. (2015): The Distribution of Power in East Asia in the Post-Crimea world: The Un-checked China’s Rise?. In: Ondrejcsák, Róbert (ed.): Panorama of Global Security Environment 2014. Bratislava: CENAA.
  • Turcsányi, Richard Q. (2014): Chinese financial presence in Slovakia and Slovak China-policy. In: Szunomár, Ágnes (ed.): Chinese investments and financial engagements in Central Europe. Myth or Reality? Budapest: Institute of World Economics HAS.
  • Turcsányi, Richard Q. - Tamás Matura - Rudolf Furst (2014): The Visegrad countries’ political relations with China. Goals, results and prospects. In Szunomár, Ágnes (ed.): Chinese investments and financial engagements in Central Europe. Myth or Reality? Budapest: Institute of World Econmics HAS.
  • Turcsányi, Richard (2014): The chessboard of South China Sea: Game modeling of the Dispute Dynamics. In: Panorama of Global Security Environment. Bratislava: CENAA.
  • Turcsányi, Richard – Qiaoan, Runya – Kriz, Zdenek (2014): Coming From Nowhere: the Chinese Perception of the Concept of Central Europe. In: Mierzejewski, Dominik (ed.): The Quandaries of China's Domestic and Foreign Development. Lodz: University of Lodz Press.
  • Turcsányi, Richard (2014): Medzinárodná politika vo východoázijskom regióne: Zápas o bezpečnosť a prosperitu. In: Turcsányi, Richard – Ondrejcsák, Róbert – Majer, Marián (eds.): Perspektívy ázijského storočia: Medzinárodné vzťahy vo východnej Ázii. Bratislava: IAS & CENAA.
  • Turcsányi, Richard (2013): Thai-Cambodian Conflict over Preah Vihear Temple: The Sign of ASEAN’s Failure? In. Political Instability in Southeast Asia. Prague: Univerity of Hradec Kralove.
  • Turcsányi, Richard (2010): Zóny volného obchodu EPA:  Historie a budoucnost. In: Trast pro ekonomiku a společnost (eds.):  Otevřený prostor. Fair trade, free trade, nebo jinak.

Other academic publications

Conference presentations

  • Turcsanyi Richard Q. (2015): Responses to Chinese Investments in European Energy Sector: Comparing the Central and Western European Frames. Dahrendorf Forum, Hertie School of Business, Merics, and LSE: Berlin.
  • Turcsanyi, Richard Q. and Ondrej Machacek (2015): Some Blow Hot, Some Blow Cold: Reassessment of the China-CEE 16+1 Platform Development. UACES Annual Summit 2015, Bilbao.
  • Turcsányi, Richard (2014): What Power Politics? The Nature of Power Relations in the East Asia and the Position of Taiwan. In: Ministry of Foreign Affairs conference of Taiwan Fellowship recipients, Taipei.
  • Turcsányi, Richad (2014): China and the CEE relations: Strategic intentions, interests and future prospects. In: China-CEE relations. Dividing line or business as usual? European Institute for Asian Studies, Brussels.
  • Turcsányi, Richard (2014): Chinese financial assistance in Slovakia. University of Warsaw. Chinese financial assistance in V4 - the evaluation of country studies.
  • Turcsányi, Richard (2014): Thai-Cambodian Conflict: Approaching the Final Stage at Preah Vihear? In: Southeast Asian Studies Symposium 2014, University of Oxford.
  • Turcsányi, Richard – Qiaoan, Runya (2013): Coming From Nowhere: Chinese Perception of Central Europe. In: 9th Lodz East Asia Meeting “Central Europe and East Asia”. Lodz University.
  • Turcsányi, Richard (2012): Westphalian International System: an evaluation of the concept. In: International Conference of Youth Scholars. Prague: Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies.


  • Turcsányi, Richard (2013): Koďousková, Hedvika; Kuchyňková, Petra; Leshchenko, Anna. Energetická bezpečnost asijských zemí a Ruské federace. Brno: Masarykova univerzit. In: Studia Orientalia Slovaca. Bratislava: Comenius University. ISSN 1336-3786.
  • Turcsányi, Richard (2013): Henry Kissinger: On China. In: Czech Journal of Political Science.  Brno: International Institute of Political Science of Masaryk Unviersity. ISSN 1211-3247.
  • Turcsányi, Richard (2013): David Shambaugh: Charting China’s Future. Domestic and International Challenges. In: Global Politics. Brno: Societas. ISSN 1213-7685.

Research grants

  • “Global Politics Journal“, Masaryk University (MUNI/D/0988/2012, MUNI/D/0978/2013, MUNI/D/1536/2014). Rector’s program.
  • „Europe in changing international system“, Masaryk University (MUNI/A/1316/2014). Specific research, Rector’s program.
  • „The position and options for Slovakia in the platforms of dealing with China”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Institute of Asian Studies/CENAA, Bratislava.
  • „Chinese financial assistance in Visegrad countries: myth or reality?“ International Visegrad Fund (21320107). Institut asijských studií/CENAA, Bratislava and Institute of World Economics, Budapest.
  • "Developing civil society by networking and knowledge sharing among CSOs in CEE and Caucasus region", International Visegrad Fund (21250098). Institute SGI, Bratislava and Institute for Democratic Changes, Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • „Demagog – European section“, Iuventa, Youth in Action (SK-13-E2-2013-R1), Institute SGI, Bratislava.