Melanie Mierzejewski

Do 10/2018 Externí spolupracovnice Ústavu mezinárodních vztahů


2014 – October 2018: Associate Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations, Prague
Spring 2013: Survey Contractor, U.S. Embassy Riga, Latvia
2012 – 2013: Freelance Academic Editor, Riga, Latvia
2010 – 2012: Lecturer, Political Science, Westwood College, Arlington, VA, USA
2008 – 2010: Research Assistant, Political Science, University of Illinois- Chicago, USA


2007 – 2014: Ph.D. Political Science, University of Illinois – Chicago, USA
(Doctoral thesis: After the Colors Fade: Party Politics and Democratization in Ukraine and Georgia)
2006 – 2007: M.A. Political Science, Central European Studies, Jagiellonian University, Poland
2003 – 2005: M.A. Humanities, Arizona State University, USA
1999 – 2003: B.A. Humanities, Arizona State University, USA

Research Fellowship, Internships

2010: Manatt Research Fellowship on Democratization, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Washington, D.C., USA
2009: Research Internship, Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C., USA


English – native
Polish – intermediate

Academic Publications

  • (2015): Crafting a Strategic Response to Russia: Geopolitical Priorities for Latvia in 2015. In:  Spruds, Andrew – Potjomkina, Diana (eds.): Latvian Foreign and Security Policy Yearbook. Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs.
  • (2014): Party Politics after the Color Revolutions: Party Institutionalization and Democratization in Ukraine and Georgia. East European Politics, Vol. 30, No. 1, pp. 86–104.
  • (2010): Stalled on Substance: Democratization and Public Opinion in Post- Orange Revolution Ukraine. International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Other Publications

  • (2015): Ukraine’s Local Elections: New law, old problems. New Eastern Europe, 22 October 2015, online <>.
  • (2012): Review of Origin, Ideology and Transformation of Political: Parties: East-Central and Western Europe Compared, by Vit Hlousek and Lubomir Kopecek. Political Studies Review, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2012, pp. 125-126.

Conference Papers

  • “Institutions after Revolutions: Party System Institutionalization in Ukraine and Georgia following the Color Revolutions” presented at the Midwest Political Science Association 72nd Annual National Conference, April 2014, Chicago, USA.
  • “Charismatic Parties and the Anti-Democratic Challenge in Ukraine and Georgia” presented at the 5th bi-annual International Graduate Student Symposium “Ukraine in a Global Context,” University of Toronto, Canada, January 2012.
  • "More Than Elections: Public Opinion, Institutional Bias, and Democratic Assessment in Poland and Ukraine" presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, August 2011, Seattle, USA.
  • “Stalled on Substance: Democratic Consolidation in Post-Orange Revolution Ukraine” presented at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, July 2010, Washington, D.C., USA.
  • “Slavic Populism: Disaffection with Democratic Transition in Poland and Slovakia” presented at the Midwest Political Science Association 68th Annual National Conference, April 2010, Chicago, USA.
  • “The Unintended Consequences of Populism in Post-Communist Poland: from Democratic Learning to Consolidation” presented at the Midwest Political Science Association 67th Annual National Conference, April 2, 2009, Chicago, USA.

Columns and Selected Media Appearances