Barbara Gawęda, Ph.D.

Výzkumná pracovnice Ústavu mezinárodních vztahů





Oct 2017- present: Researcher, Institute of International Relations, Prague
Sep 2015 – Mar 2016: Network Coordinator, Feminism and Institutionalism International Network (FIIN)
Apr 2011 – Aug 2012: Public affairs consultant, Eamonn Bates Europe Public Affairs Consultancy, Brussels, Belgium

Pedagogická činnost

Aug 2017: Guest lecturer, Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki Summer School course ‘Challenges of Democratic Development in Eastern Europe’; Guest lecture on Gender in Eastern Europe; Course for advanced international undergraduates or Master’s level students of humanities and social sciences.

Nov 2016 – Dec 2016: Guest lecturer, Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland
Intermediate level (Undergraduate) course on ‘Gender equality in Poland: the development after 1989 and the situation in 2016’; Guest lecture title: ‘Gendered political controversies: abortion, sexual education, and the construction of women's role in society’

Aug 2015: Tutor, Summer School Course on Gender, Culture and Politics, University of Helsinki, Finland
Main topics: overview of Finnish gender studies, insights into contemporary society: representations of gender, Nordic perspectives on post-colonialism, Finnish research on gendered power, normativity and intersectionality, global equality questions and multicultural issues in Finnish and Scandinavian/Nordic context.

Jan 2014 – May 2015: Course Tutor, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, UK
Undergraduate course tutor: Global Politics of Sex (Honours level course) and Gender and Democracy in a Comparative Perspective (First year level course); Graduate lecture: Global Politics of Sex and Gender: Master’s level course, lectures on “Doing feminist research”


2012 – 2017: Doctor of Philosophy in Politics, University of Edinburgh, UK (Thesis title: No country for losers? Gender, (in)equality, and the discursive construction of subjects and values in Polish politics)
2008 –  2010: Master's Degree in Advanced International Studies, Vienna School of International Studies, University of Vienna, Austria
2004 – 2008: Honours Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Glendon College, York University, Toronto, Canada

Zahraniční studijní pobyty, stáže

Jan 2017 – Jun 2017: Visiting Research Fellow, Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland
Oct 2015 – Jun 2016: Visiting Doctoral Student, Gender, Culture and Society Programme, University of Helsinki, Finland
Apr 2010 – Jul 2010: Intern/Research Assistant in the Office of the Director-General/Executive Director of UNOV/UNODC, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna, Austria
Jun 2007 – Aug 2007: Intern/Research Assistant in the Division for Public Health, World Health
Organization Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen, Denmark


Polish (native)
English (fluent)
German, French (advanced, working knowledge)
Russian, Italian (passive knowledge)
Spanish (basic)

Oblasti zájmu

Gender politics
Post-Soviet politics
Post-state socialist transformations
Central and Eastern Europe
Feminist institutionalism
Critical discourse theory and analysis
Feminist research
Sexuality and politics

Další profesní aktivity

Since 2016: Member of AtGender , The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation
Since 2015: Member of the Feminist Institutionalism International Network
Since 2015: Member of the ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics (ECPG)
Since 2014: Member of the Political Studies Association (PSA)
Since 2013: Member of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)


Impaktované a recenzované články

Jiné publikace

  • (2012): Bystander in its neighbourhood? The European Union's involvement in protracted conflicts in the post-Soviet space. IEP Policy Papers on Eastern Europe and Central Asia, No. 1/2012, Institut für Europäische Politik Berlin.
  • 2012): No settlement without a proactive policy: The European Union and the secessionist conflicts in the post-Soviet space. IEP Policy Briefs on Enlargement and Neighbourhood, No. 5/2012, Institut für Europäische Politik Berlin.

Publicistika a mediální vystoupení

 (2014): Eurovision and Euro elections: the final straw in Polish gender wars. openDemocracy, 21. 5. 2014.

Příspěvky na konferencích a seminářích

  •  Gendered Mobilisations AGAINST Equality: Civil Society Wars on ‘Gender Ideology’ in Eastern Europe. Paper presented at the 5th European Conference on Politics and Gender, Lausanne, Switzerland, 8-10. 6. 2017.
  • Policing Sexualities in Russia and in Poland: Homophobia and Pro-Natalism in Political Discourses. Paper presented at the 5th European Conference on Politics and Gender, Lausanne, Switzerland, 8-10. 6. 2017.
  • The Critical Study of Male Overrepresentation. Panel speaker at the 5th European Conference on Politics and Gender, Lausanne, Switzerland, 8-10. 6. 2017.
  • Anti-gender mobilizations in Eastern Europe in a comparative perspective: lessons from Poland and Russia. Paper presented at the AtGender Spring Conference “Bridging Gender Research and
    Policymaking: Missing Links, Good Practices, Future Scenarios”, Vilnius, Lithuania, 19-21. 4. 2017.
  • Gendered responses to crisis: an analysis of discursive strategies of demographic moral panic in Russia and Poland. Paper presented at the 16th Annual International Aleksanteri Conference, Helsinki, Finland, 26-28. 10. 2016.
  • So, what’s going on with Poland? A discussion of the resistances and blockages in the implementation of gender equality policies. Paper presented at the ECPR General Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 7-10. 9. 2016.
  • From the Women’s Parliamentary Group to the ‘Stop Gender Ideology’ Group: the evolution of gender-focused parliamentary bodies in the Polish Sejm. Paper presented at the 24th IPSA World Congress of Political Science, Poznan, Poland, 23-28. 7. 2016.
  • War on ‘genderism’ in Poland: dealing with a shock campaign that developed into official policy. Paper at the AtGender Spring Conference “Spaces of Feminist Learning and Teaching: queering movements, translations and dynamics”, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 21-23. 4. 2016.
  • Pro-natalism and the return to traditional values as discursive strategies of moral panic in Poland and Russia. Paper at the Eastern Platform Seminar “Post-soviet space between the EU and Russia. The state of the crisis: winding down or going global?” Tartu, Estonia, 8. -.19. 3. 2016.
  • Men’s view of ‘women’s issues’: what parliamentary discourses on family policies say about masculinity in Poland. Paper at the Workshop “The causes and consequences of male over-representation” at the ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Warsaw, Poland, 30. 3. - 1. 4.  2015.
  • Anti-feminism of transformations: a narrative about side-lining women’s issues. Paper presented at the “Genealogies of Memory” series conference “Collective vs Collected Memories. 1989-91 from an
    Oral History Perspective”, Warsaw, Poland, 6-8. 11. 2014.
  • ‘Gender ideology’ and ‘Marxism’s younger sister, feminism’ as enemies of the people: Anti-feminist discourse and political institutions in Eastern Europe. Paper presented at the PSA 64th Annual International Conference, Manchester, United Kingdom, 14-16. 4. 2014.
  • Gender discourses in Eastern Europe – combining Eastern and Western feminist political analysis. Paper presented at the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) Annual
    Conference, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 5-7. 4. 2014.

Výzkumné projekty

Nov 2012 – Jan 2013: Researcher in the Project for the Committee of the Regions, “The Subsidiarity Early Warning System of the Lisbon Treaty – the role of regional parliaments with legislative powers and other subnational authorities”, University of Edinburgh, UK