Research at the IIR

The Institute of International Relations focuses on the whole research cycle from identification of themes of basic research and searching for theoretical and empirical knowledge and its publication to its employment in applied research, education, raising of public awareness and consultancy for the decision-making sphere, mainly in these fields:

  • European Integration
  • International Security
  • Foreign Policy
  • Global Issues
  • Territorial Studies

and these research centres:

More information about the IIR's research specialization is available on the personal sites of the IIR researchers and the associate researchers and in the list of their areas of interest that the IIR provides to the media.

According to the governmental Methodology of Evaluation of Research Organisations the Institute of International Relations puts emphasis particularly on the creation of excellent results in basic research in international and domestic contexts. Simultaneously, the IIR creates relevant analyses and provides advice for the decision-making sphere, mainly in the field of applied research on the national, Visegrad and union levels, including contractual research, which is carried out mainly for the founder of the IIR – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.
The research takes place in the context of the continuous financing from the institutional support for the IIR as well as from many projects of basic and applied research. The Institute of International Relations puts great emphasis on the internationalisation of its research, particularly through membership in significant European research networks such as the ASEEES, BISA, FORS, IASGP, IFRI, ILA, IPSA, ISA, SFDI, CEEISA, EADI, ECPR, EISA, EPIN, ESIL, European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC), EU Non-Proliferation Consortium, EuroMeSCo, TEPSA, Think Visegrad, UACES.

Researchers, associate researchers and interns of the Institute of International Relations follow the ethical codex of the IIR.