Ondřej Horký-Hlucháň, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher, Institute of International Relations Prague

phone +420 251 108 335
www twitter.com/OHorkyHluchan

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May 2018–present: Senior Researcher, IIR Prague
September 2016–May 2018: Deputy Director for Research, IIR Prague
June 2013–August 2016: Head of Research Department, IIR Prague
October 2011–May 2013: Deputy Head of Research Department, IIR Prague
November 2005–September 2011: Researcher, IIR Prague

 Teaching Experience

2018–present: Doctoral Course: International Relations and Global Issues, IIR Prague and Metropolitan University, Prague
2016: participation on a course at the University of the Third Age, University of Economics, Prague
2013–2015: Masters Course: Introduction to Development Studies, University of Economics, Prague
2011–2014: Masters Course: Introduction to Development Studies, Charles University in Prague
2009–2010: Masters Course: International Economic Relations, Metropolitan University, Prague
2005–2008: Bachelors and Masters Courses: World Economy, World Economy and developing countries, Seminar on the World Economy and seminar on the World Economy II; participation on the courses International development assistance, Development economics and External relations of the European Union (in Czech), University of Economics, Prague


2004–2010: PhD in International Economic Relations, University of Economics, Prague. Thesis: Discourses and practices of the Czech development cooperation (in Czech).
2002–2004: Master’s Degree, University of Economics. Major: International Trade and European Integration. Minor specialisation: Philosophy. Thesis: Sub-Saharan Afrika: Factors of economic growth (Rector’s prize and Ernst & Young prize for excellent Masters thesis).
1998–2001: Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade, University of Economics, Prague
1995–1998: Carnot Lyceum, Dijon

 Foreign Research Fellowships, Internships

September 2018–February 2019: Visiting Researcher, International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague
January–March 2013: Visiting Researcher, University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban; Université d’Antananarivo, Antananarivo
September–October 2009: Visiting Researcher, Deutsche Institut für Entwicklungspolitik, Bonn
October 2006–July 2007: Postgraduate study and research stay, Graduate Institute of Development Studies, Geneva
October 2004–January 2005: Exchange programme Erasmus, ESCP-EAP, Paris


Czech - mother tongue
English - fluent
French - fluent
Italian - fluent
Spanish - basic

 Areas of Interest

Global and sustainable development, poverty
Development cooperation and humanitarian aid
Globalization and North-South relations
Gender in development, international relations and international politics
Sub-Saharan Africa

 Other Professional Activities

  • 2018 – Present: reviewer for the Czech government Research, Development and Innovation Council
  • 2018 – Present: reviewer for the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
  • 2017 – Present: elected member of the Executive Committee of EADI – European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes
  • 2015 – Present: member of the Committee for the Coordination of the Positions of the Czech Rep. towards Sustainable Development of the Czech government Council for Sustainable Development
  • 2014 – Present: member of the Editorial Board of Development, Environment and Foresight
  • 2012 – Present: member of the Editorial Board of Mezinárodní vztahy – Czech Journal of International Relations
  • 2012 – Present: member of the Board of Trustees of the gender NGO Fórum 50%.
  • 2011 – 2016, 2017 – Present: elected member of the Board of the Institute of International Relations
  • 2014 – 2016: member of the external advisory team of the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • 2010–2012: member of the editorial board of Mezinárodní politika
  • 2008–2013: Book Review Editor of Mezinárodní vztahy



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Policy Publications



  • Foreign aid by non-aid actors: towards a new fragmentation of international development cooperation?, NIAS Amsterdam, 20 February 2018.
  • The Politics of Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development: Building a new large house on old shaky foundations? 59th ISA Annual Convention, San Francisco, 4. – 7. 4. 2018.
  • The Transition of a Transition: What is left of the Central and Eastern European ‘transition experience’? 57th ISA Annual Convention, Atlanta, 16. – 19. 3. 2016.
  • Quiet colonisers, quite colonies: Central and Eastern Europe between the North/South and East/West divides. EISA: 9th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Giardini Naxos, 23. – 26. 9. 2015.
  • The Europeanisation of the CEECs development policy: Story of a wedding between an academic concept and a political enterprise. Transferts as a political enterprise, Berlin, 27. 11. 2014.
  • Development cooperation of the Central and Eastern European countries from a postcolonial perspective. 10th CEEISA Convention, Cluj-Napoca, 12. – 14. 6. 2014.
  • Critical perspectives on development policies of the CEE countries. A typology of the underlying theories and their consequences for other non-DAC donors. 14th EADI General Conference,Bonn, 23. – 26. 6. 2014.
  • Beyond the North/South and East/West Divides: Understanding Global Inequalities and Diversity. The outcomes of the RESAREAS project in the field of theoryon non-European territories, Prague, 14. 1. 2014.
  • The future direction of CEE development policy: Finding a common role in a post-MDG world.Critical perspectives on EU-12 donors: Expectation gaps, root causes and ways forward, Wien, 26. 4. 2013.
  • Securitisation of development or developmentalisation of security? Legitimising discourses of the Czech and Hungarian PRTs in Afghanistan, PSS-ISA Joint International Conference Security Challenges in an Evolving World, Budapest, 27. – 9. 6. 2013. (& Balázs Szent-Iványi).
  • Globální politická ekologie: Odlesňování a zalesňování Madagaskaru mezi politikou a přírodou. Mimo Sever a Jih - Rozumět globálním nerovnostem a rozmanitosti, Praha, 9. 9. 2013.
  • Understanding the quick disengagement and renewed interest of European post-communist countries in the sub-Saharan region. International Conference on African StudiesOut of and back to Africa?, Accra, 24. – 26. 10. 2013.
  • Development cooperation of the Czech Republic: Policy completed, waiting for politics? EU-12 development policies at half-time: Europeanization, specialization, or both?, Olomouc: 15. – 17. 2. 2012 (& Petra Krylová, Zdeňek Opršal).
  • The colonised coloniser? Modernity, solidarity and depoliticisation in Central and Eastern Europe. 2nd Joint Biennial CASA/SASA Conference, Telč, 21. – 23. 9. 2011.
  • The transfer of the Central and Eastern European "transition experience" to the developing world: Myth or reality? 8th CEEISA Convention, Istanbul, 15. – 17. 6. 2011.
  • Evropeizace zahraniční rozvojové spolupráce: Přijetí, přizpůsobení, nebo odmítnutí? Sympozium "Česká zahraniční politika". Praha, 3. – 5. 5. 2010.
  • The Europeanization of development policy: Accommodation and resistance of the Czech Republic. GARNET Conference:Bruxelles, 22. – 24. 4. 2010.
  • Non-governmental organizations in the Czech development cooperation: A long arm of foreign policy or civil society?ISA's Annual Convention, New Orleans, 17. – 20. 2. 2010.
  • Nothing is imposed in this policy! European Neighbourhood Policy as a neocolonial project. 7th CEEISA Convention, Sankt-Peterburg, 2. – 4. 9. 2009 (& Petr Kratochvíl).
  • Europeanization of development cooperation of the Czech Republic and its foreign policy in Africa. WISC 2nd Global International Studies Conference, Ljubljana, 23.–26. 7. 2008.
  • Policy coherence for development of the Czech Republic: Case studies on migration and trade. 12th EADI General Conference, Genève, 24. – 28. 6. 2008.
  • Ženy, muži a rozvoj: genderové aspekty rozvojové spolupráce ve zdravotnictví. Zdravotně sociální aspekty rozvojových zemí České Budějovice, 20. 11. 2007.
  • Incoherence of the Czech Policies for International Development: A Conceptual Framework. 6th CEEISA Convention, Wroclaw, 23. – 25. 6. 2007.
  • Les biais de genre dans la science économique : Quelles conséquences pour le développement?. Deuxiémes journées genre et développement Genève, 18. – 20. 6. 2007.
  • Development Policy in New EU Member States: Re-emerging Donors on the way from Compulsory Altruism to Global Responsibility, 4th CEEISA Convention.Tartu, 25. – 27. 6. 2006.
  • La pluralité des études du développement. Ecole d'été des IFRE européens, Oxford: 28. 6 – 1.7. 2006.
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  • Instability and Human Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Some Evidence from Cross-country Regressions. 10th EADI General Conference, Bonn, 19. – 9. 2005.
  • Aid, Trade or Isolation: Ethical Aspects of Development International Conference of Young Scholars, Praha, 25. 5. 2005.

Research projects

  • 2018–2020: Support to frontier research on the borders of International Relations and other disciplines. European Commission and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, coordinator and researcher.
  • 2018-2019: Development and pilot verification of methods for a periodic complex evaluation of the Czech foreign policy. Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR), team member.
  • 2017-2019: Equality of women and men in the Czech foreign policy and development cooperation. European Commission and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, project cycle analyst.
  • 2016: The rights of LGBT people in an international context. Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR), team member
  • 2014–2015: Czech Foreign Policy and the “Post-Western” Global Order,Czech Science Foundation (GACR), researcher
  • 2013–2014: An Analysis of the Ways of Applying the Czech Transition Experience in Bilateral and Multilateral Development Cooperation,Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR), team member.
  • 2012–2014: RESAREAS: The Cooperation Network for Research of the Non-European Areas,European Commission and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports: head of the research team on theory and methodology, researcher.
  • 2011–2012: Evaluation of the Programme of Government Scholarships for Students from Developing countries,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, team leader.
  • 2011: Evaluation of Temporary Exemptions from the Transformation of the Czech ODA,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, team member.
  • 2006 – 2011: European Integration and the Interests of the Czech Republic. Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, coordinator of the team on methodology, researcher.
  • 2006: EU and Africa as "New Neighbours" – Challenges for the Czech Foreign Development Cooperation. GRACES grant programme of the Centre for European Studies, University of Economics, Prague, co-coordinator and team member.
  • 2006: Case Studies for International Economic Relations. Czech University Development Fund, team member.