Acquire practical and scientific experience as a member of the IIR team. The Interns of the Institute of International Relations (IIR) have a great opportunity to gain experience and new knowledge in the field of international relations in an independent research institution, one of the leading institutions of its kind in the Czech Republic.

The Institute allows the Intern to conduct their internship in one of three different programmes – the Research Assistant, Internship in one of the Centers and PR Intern programmes. The internships are primarily intended for university students and graduates from the Czech Republic as well as abroad. With regard to time, both types of internships are flexible, with the average time constraint being 20 hours per week, usually for a duration of 3 months. The internships are unpaid. However, during the time of the internship we offer free access to the library and basic technical facilities. Below you can find further information on how to apply and FAQ section.

IIR Internship: Experience worth sharing

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We can offer

- Scientific and practical experience in the field of international relations and politics

- Participation in relevant and interesting events

- Time flexibility (an internship can be combined with ongoing studies)

- Collaboration with world-renowned experts

- The possibility for you to contribute with your own research to the publications of the Institute

- Access to many publications and to the specialized library in the Institute 


- Ongoing or completed studies at a university in the Czech Republic or abroad in the relevant field

- A command of the English language at an excellent level

- An ability to work, on average, 20 hours a week for a minimum of 3 months

- An ability to perform assignments within the specified timeframe

- A pro-active and responsible approach

- Though it is not a requirement, another foreign language is an advantage

Internship options

Research Assistant

As a Research Assistant, the Intern participates in an existing project of the Institute or fulfils administrative tasks given to them by the conference service of the IIR and/or by its Researchers.  In this case the internship plan is not required. The internship is formally ended when the Intern submits an approved review of an expert publication. The internship is time flexible. However, it is required that the Intern works 20 hours per week. Therefore we do not accept Interns who have other workloads and/or obligations (e.g. other internships) that exceed 20 hours per week.

PR Intern

A PR Intern works to ensure the IIR’s contact with the public. He/she also works with social media, writes outputs for websites, and creates newsletters. He/she also helps with the creation of artwork for invitations or articles, and short videos for posting on the IIR YouTube channel. When working in the conference service, he/she assists with the organization of various IIR events. This internship is less time consuming than the others, as it only requires 10 hours a week. It is especially suitable for students of media communication, marketing or PR. Nevertheless, an interest in international relations is also expected from the PR Intern. We prefer long-term cooperations with Interns in this position.

An Intern in one of the centers

There are four centers in the Institute - European Security CenterCenter for International Law, Center for EU-Asia Relations and the newest Center for Energy Policy - which also accept interns. The tasks of this kind of Intern are mainly the elaboration of researches and documents for the scientific projects of the center, and the translation of the outputs into English or Czech. The Intern also helps with the administrative functioning of the center and its communication with the public. For this position, we prefer long-term internships, usually with a duration of 6 months.

If you are interested in an internship at the IIR

1. Read the Internship Agreement (PDF, 3 pages, ENG) in order to learn about your duties and entitlements as an intern.
2. Decide for one of the above listed internship programmes, state your preferred term of internship (e.g. 3 months) and we will let you know if an internship with this term is available in case you are accepted.
3. If you decide to work as an Independent Researcher, send us your internship plan, which must contain the following information:

  • a formal internship proposal, which should include the project's title, its objectives, its theoretical and methodological background, the literature that will be used (the literature you already studied as well as literature that is necessary for further research), the structure and length of the resulting report/article, the proposed time frame (duration) of the internship
  • your curriculum vitae
  • motivation letter (on A4 paper, or paper of a similar size)

More information here.

4. If you decide to become a Research Assistant, simply send us your curriculum vitae, a motivation letter (on A4 paper, or paper of a similar size) and the proposed time frame (duration) of your internship.
5. The deadlines for internship applications (according to the information in points 3 and 4): they can be submitted at any time during the entire year.
6. The required information has to be sent either via e-mail  (to Eliška Bajgarová).
7. After receiving all the necessary information, we will decide on your application and let you know the result as soon as possible. In case that you do not receive our decision within 14 days, please contact us.
8. If your application is accepted, you will be asked to sign the Internship Agreement, and your internship can begin on an agreed upon date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the usual time frame of an internship?

We prefer long-term internships, which are at least 3 months long. If both sides agree to it, it is possible to prolong the internship.

What will my working hours be as an intern?

As stated in the Internship Agreement, interns are obliged to work 20 hours per week in the context of their internship. These working hours are, however, very flexible. It is possible to combine the internship with study or part-time jobs. We do not accept interns who have other obligations exceeding 20 hours per week. The internship is suitable for students with less demanding workloads in the context of their studies or for those students who have completed all their courses and are now only waiting for their final state exams/thesis defence.

When is the best time to apply?

We accept applications all year long. The decisive factors are the current capacity, the applicant sequence and the applicant's qualifications, of course. Don´t be afraid to later reapply if your first application is rejected due to a full capacity. We appreciate your interest.

Does the IIR provide a salary, scholarship or possibilities of accommodation?

The Institute does not provide any forms of financial reimbursement, or accommodation. Interns from Slovakian (and other foreign) universities have the chance to be sent to the IIR by their university within the Erasmus Plus programme.

What are the work duties of an Independent Researcher?

Independent researchers work on their own projects or participate on an IIR Researcher Project (according to the previous mutual agreement), and in both cases, they have the possibility of consultations with a chosen IIR Researcher and access to the IIR library collection. In urgent cases he/she can be asked by the conference service to help and participate in organizing conferences that are organized by the IIR. The internship ends with the elaboration of a publishable output (a working paper, a book chapter, a longer expert article, etc.).

What are the work duties of a Research Assistant?

As opposed to an Independent Researcher, a Research Assistant does not help just one Researcher, but he/she can try out various activities and cooperate with various employees of the IIR. The Research Assistant fulfils tasks assigned by IIR researchers (background research, information research, scanning, copying, formal text editing, etc.) or the IIR conference service (administrative tasks, organizing conferences, writing reports, etc).