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28.08.2019 | Jan Kovář
Can Věra Jourová secure an economic portfolio in her continuiong role as EU comissioner?
What do you think are Mrs. Jourová’s chances on getting that economic portfolio within the European Commission that the PM wants? Can her chances be affected by the prime minister’s suspected conflict of interest as alleged by the preliminary EU audit? How is Jourová seen in Brussels? Does she have a good reputation? European Commissioners are supposed to be unbiased so how useful can it be for a member state to have a commissioner in an important position?
27.08.2019 | Jakub Eberle
Jak Česko zbrojí svět. Nová reportáž kanálu Voxpot.
Jakub Eberle pro reportáž kanálu Voxpot komentoval české vývozy zbraní. Přísnější regulace by podle něj mohla dodat větší konzistenci české zahraniční politice. Ta se dlouhodobě hlásí k lidským právům, avšak Česko vyváží i do zemí, kde dochází k jejich masivnímu porušování.
21.08.2019 | Tomáš Pofant
A Postcolonial Look On ‘New’ Donors
Tomáš Profant takes a postcolonial look on the ‘new’ donors. He argues that whereas the power difference between the donor and the recipient in development cooperation is mostly clear, there is another form of hierarchy that is structured by development cooperation: donors are not equal either.
30.07.2019 | Rudolf Fürst
China’s political interference in Czech Republic back in focus
Rudolf Fürst gave an interview for the EURACTIV news server on the Chinese influence in Czechia. The Czech public opinion on the issue of so-called Chinese influence is somewhat outside the European average and is moving towards obsession, says Rudolf Fürst. Moreover, the public does not sufficiently perceive the influence of other actors on China's position in Central Europe.
République tchèque: après la manifestation de Prague, quelle suite pour Babis?
Ondřej Horký-Hlucháň has commented on the largest citizen protests since 1989 and the prospects for the Czech PM Andrej Babiš for the global edition of Radio France International.
27.05.2019 | Petr Kratochvíl
An Interview by Petr Kratochvíl for Finnish Radio Yle
Petr Kratochvíl has given an interview to a Finnish radio Yle on populism and European Parliament elections.
17.01.2019 | Petr Kratochvíl
EU warned: Brussels should be 'cautious' on migration to avoid future revolts
Petr Kratochvíl clarifies the stance of the Central European countries towards the migration policy of the European Union while he explains how the current situation came about. The interview was published by the British Express.
06.11.2018 | Matúš Halás
NATO Staging Biggest War Games Since Cold War
The ongoing Trident Juncture military exercise is the biggest check of NATO’s preparedness since the end of the Cold War. Head of our Centre for European security Matúš Halás explains in this short video made by the RFE/RL, why it is important and what is the aim of the exercise.
06.11.2018 | Mark Galeotti
Putin’s Needy Little Helpers Are Ruining Russia (Op-ed)
New reports of contract killings point to an emerging class of Kremlin businessmen sending Russia back in time. Mark Galeotti discusses the topic further in his op-ed for the Moscow Times.
02.11.2018 |

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