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26.10.2017 | Jan Kovář
Czech Elections 2017
Two interviews with Jan Kovář for the Russian section of Radio Prague regarding the Czech parliamentary elections. Which parties might possibly form the coalition? And what will be the effects of the election results on the Czech foreign policy and the Czech-EU relations? Listen to the interviews below.
17.10.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Not-So-Soft Power: Russia’s Military Police in Syria
New article by Mark Galeotti for War on the Rocks platform analyzes the role of Russia's military police in Syria.
05.10.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Kremlin's puzzle: how to frame Putin's re-election?
New monthly column of Mark Galeotti on Russian politics for the Dutch site Raam on Rusland (Window on Russia).
26.09.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Conspiracy theories dominate East-West relations: time for realism
New article by Mark Galeotti for Raam op Russia   about the latest big Russian-Belarusian military exercise Zapad-2017.
26.09.2017 | Benjamin Tallis
Benjamin Tallis chairing pre-election debate
Benjamin Tallis is chairing the Seznam pre-election debate of Andrej Babiš, Jan Hamáček and Luděk Niedermayer. It is so far the only English pre-election debate.
06.09.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Moscow's mercenaries reveal the privatisation of Russian geopolitics
"Further revelations regarding the role of Russian private military contractors in Syria exposes how, under Putin, “state” and “private” are often one and the same thing," writes Mark Galeotti for openDemocracy.
28.08.2017 | Mark Galeotti
A Midsummer Night's Crackdown
"It has sent a chill through Russia's artistic community. It's caused widespread outrage and dismay. It's sparked fears that a new round of repression could be on the way. With the arrest of Kirill Serebrennikov, one of Russia's most prominent living film and theater directors, the Kremlin seems to have crossed a frightening line. Mark Galeotti was among the guests of Power Vertical Podcast taking look at the Serebrennikov case and what it signifies.
22.08.2017 | Mark Galeotti
Russia’s meddling gets more credit than it deserves
Interview with Mark Galeotti by Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska from New Eastern Europe, exclusive bimonthly news magazine dedicated to Central and Eastern European affairs.
17.08.2017 | Petr Kratochvíl
The Czech Republic and the LGBT Rights
On the occasion of Prague Pride, our director Petr Kratochvíl talked to Russian section of Radio Prague about the LGBT rights in the Czech Republic. He compared the progress made in the country with the achievements of other nations, and pointed out the challenges ahead. Furthermore, he drew attention to the difference between the legislative framework and levels of social acceptance. He also discussed the role of the Czech Republic in providing support for LGBT citizens of other countries, and what more can be done to help.
15.08.2017 | Benjamin Tallis
The EU’s Silent Victory in Ukraine
"Amazingly, given the migration crisis that the EU and its member states have created over the last few years, the EU has scored a significant victory in the field mobility. What’s more, when it (finally) granted visa-free travel to the EU to Ukrainians on 11th June, the EU took a bigger step in the right direction than it has done in years," writes Benjamin Tallis for Reportér.

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