Speaking of Hybrid Warfare

What do we speak of when we speak of ‘hybrid warfare’, a term that has become prominent in discussions of Czech and European security? Our researchers Jan Daniel and Jakub Eberle show in their new article in the Cooperation and Conflict journal that this question is difficult to answer, as the discourse of hybrid warfare is not only vague, but also consists of multiple, and at times contradictory, stories.

You can find their newly published research article here: Speaking of Hybrid Warfare: Multiple Narratives and Differing Expertise in the ‘Hybrid Warfare’ Debate in Czechia

Jan Daniel is a researcher at the Institute of International Relations and Head of the Centre for the study of Global Regions; he focuses primarily on politics and security in the Middle East. 

Jakub Eberle, Ph.D. is a senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague and the Head of the Centre for European Politics; his main fields of interest include critical theories of International Relations and discourse theory and methodology.