Political science in Central and Eastern Europe

Has Czech political science succeeded in integrating itself into the European field? A scientific article co-authored by Jakub Eberle argues that Czech and Central European scholars have so far not managed to close the gap separating them from Western Europe.

While the picture is more optimistic than ten years ago, there is still a notable "glass ceiling" separating local political science from the top of the discipline. The article contends that this is unlikely to change due to a range of factors, including material differences, dependence on Western intellectual trends and individualistic publication strategies.

You can find the article here: Political science in Central and Eastern Europe: integration with limited convergence in Czechia

Jakub Eberle, Ph.D. is a senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague and the Head of the Centre for European Politics; his main fields of interest include critical theories of International Relations and discourse theory and methodology.