Intercultural Dialogue and Prevention of Violence

The Institute of International Relations is looking forward to hosting this year’s "Intercultural Dialogue and Prevention of Violence" conference. Many interesting speakers and insightful debates are to be expected. This year’s conference will be held on the 7th of November, 2019.


Datum: 07.11.2019
Čas: 09:00
Místo: Czernin Palace, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Loretánské nám. 5, Prague 1
Spolupráce: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
Organizuje: Jan Daniel

Intercultural and interfaith dialogues have become an integral part of political and diplomatic efforts in various parts of contemporary world. They offer means to enhance understanding and prevent escalation of extremism and potential conflicts among different communities, nations, and diverse religious or cultural groups. By their nature, they explore fundamental questions of identity and values, as well as other issues often overlooked by official diplomatic processes. They also foster respect for diversity, in particular with regard to the rights of minority communities.

This conference aspires to feed into the international debate with a perspective from Prague, at this point in time. It aims to provide a platform for sharing specific national, institutional, and personal experience and expertise related to intercultural and interfaith dialogue, protection of human rights and freedoms, prevention of extremism, stereotypes, hatred and violence. The panels will thus explore the use of intercultural dialogue as a policy tool or its potential impact on prevention of violent extremism.

The conference is explicitly welcoming and open to representatives of different religions and faiths and committed to freedom and plurality of opinion and belief. Being united in diversity, sharing the same human objectives, and demonstrating that we have common goals: that should be the right message for the conference to pass on.

Confirmed speakers:

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All the video recordings from the last year's conference as well as additional short interviews with some of the guest speakers can be found here.

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