Centre for Political Economy

Centre for Political Economy of the Institute of International Relations

The discipline of International Political Economy (IPE) studies the mutual entanglement of political and economic power in international relations, the understanding of which is crucial for strategic decision-making of both state and non-state actors in the contemporary globalized world. This field of study has, however, remained neglected in the Czech social science agenda as both a field of scientific inquiry and a useful perspective for making public policies such as economic diplomacy. The Centre for Political Economy (CPE) has been established by the Institute of International Relations in cooperation with the Jan Masaryk Centre of International Studies of the University of Economics Prague exactly in order to close this gap.

Our centre conducts research activities in two interrelated areas. Contributing primarily to academic debates in the IPE field from a transdisciplinary perspective, we also strive to apply our expertise in the area of economy diplomacy in order to identify and help to improve new trends in this distinct public policy. In general, our centre studies the political-economic dynamics of the current global order in international relations, including, e.g., its multi-level governance, production and financial flows, nested networks of state and non-state actors, and structural inequalities and power asymmetries. This general context allows us to then particularly focus on policy research of economic diplomacy, which generates an applied value for the institutions of public administration. The two areas of interest are bound together by the centre´s overall aim: to respond to the strategic needs and perspectives of Czechia´s economic model within the context of its integration into the present global order as well as into the intermediate regional structures of the European Union.

Our researchers produce three kinds of research outputs. The centre´s main purpose is to variously contribute to the ongoing discussions in IPE scholarship. Grounded in this academic identity, the centre also attempts to produce innovative policy research on economic diplomacy in a close collaboration with public administration institutions. Last but not least, our centre is actively involved and critically intervenes in public debates on contemporary global politics and economy.

Activites of the centre

GA ČR: Středoproudové a alternativní ekonomické diskurzy v Česku a na Slovensku, 2018-2020, Tomáš Profant, spoluřešitel.

Náš tým

Daniel Šitera
Head of the Centre






 Štěpánka Zemánková
 Univesity of Economics
Jana Peterková
University of Economics






Miroslav Machoň
University of Economics

Vladan Hodulák
Associate Researcher