Centre for Gender and Global Justice

Today, an integrated interdisciplinary, collaborative, and global approach is needed to map, understand, and intervene in social and political processes. Without taking the gendered nature of phenomena into account, we cannot hope to produce transformative research that questions existing power relations in development and international relations.


Centre for Gender and Global Justice of the Institute of International Relations

The Center for Gender and Global Justice recognizes and ultimately aims to challenge the persistent gender power inequalities that exist in the world. The main objective of our policy and research work is to expose and expand debates on current issues in international relations from an intersectional perspective. Our research focuses on gendered and gendering approaches a variety of topics and specializations:

  • justice and equality,
  • peace and security,
  • nationhood and statehood,
  • development and humanitarian aid,
  • democratic transitions,
  • political thought and international studies.

The Center for Gender and Global Justice conducts theoretically-informed and empirically-grounded research and policy analysis on a broad spectrum of approaches to understand gendered justice along with human rights and international development, and to promote awareness of their relevance in political and socio-economic contexts globally. The Center aspires to function as an arena for researchers not only at our own institute, but also to serve as a link to other research communities, both nationally and internationally.

Director's introductory word

The newly-established Center for Gender and Global Justice of the Institute of International Relations is another addition to the expanding number of specialized research centers which we have created. Its focus is necessarily transdisciplinary and its main aim is to explore the gendered aspects of international relations and the issues related to global justice, equality and solidarity. While the focus is thus global, it will make a contextualized contribution from the specific standpoint of Central Europe. I hope that the new Center will underline the importance the IIR attaches to exploring the multiple axes of inequality in politics, and to doing intersectional research tying in various aspects of IR and development. I am strongly convinced that the research outcomes and the policy impact of the Center of Gender and Global Justice will not only be theoretically innovative but also provide cutting-edge expertise on topics of justice and equality.

Centre activities

The Centre has started its mission in a public event, with the Keynote speech delivered by Deputy Secretary General Amina Mohammed. Find more info here

Members of the centre with Amina Mohammed (from left to right) Jan Hornát, Barbora Gaweda, Amina Mohammed, Ondřej Horký - Hlucháň, Míla O'Sullivan)