Putin's message: make Russia great again

Is Russia a superpower or a house of cards? This was the subject of a debate organised by RaamopRusland in De Balie in Amsterdam and attended by our security expert Mark Galeotti. According to him, it is neither. In his opinion Putin is just 'agressively offensively defensive', trying to protect a weak state by using the flaws of the West. Even before Trump he was trying 'to make Russia great again'.

You can watch a video from the debate here (Mark Galeotti'S speech since cca 9min).

You can also read an article on the topic published on RaamopRusland's website.

Dr Mark Galeotti is the IIR Senior Researcher, the Co-ordinator of the Centre for European Security of the IIR as well as an internationally recognized expert on transnational organized crime, security issues and modern Russia.