Ukrainian Mobility: An Opportunity Not a Threat to the EU

The EU should act on a proposal from MEPs to grant visa-free travel to Ukrainians to transform a lose-lose situation into a win-win.

On April 01, it was reported that a group of MEPs, spanning the spectrum of political groupings in the European Parliament, had written to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, recommending that the EU grant visa-free travel to Ukrainians. It can be hoped that this was not an April fool, as the proposal has the potential to transform the EUUkraine mobility regime from lose-lose to win-win. Visa liberalisation is one of the few concrete measures that the EU can take, which would be unambiguously positive for EU-Ukraine relations. Travelling more freely will help Ukrainians enact a key aspect of European belonging, allow them to see EU life for themselves and bring back and adapt the aspects that they like, without increasing risk or threat to the EU. Fears over increased threats from enhanced mobility are ill-founded and the EU should launch this policy at the forthcoming Eastern Partnership summit in Riga... (Benjamin Tallis)

Ukrainian Mobility: An Opportunity Not a Threat to the EU. 10. 4. 2015